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Here you will find coins, pseudo coins, tokens and jetons which will not fit in above sections are cannot be determined (help me if you recognize something!).

English "sterling bust" jeton, ca. 1310-14, Mitchiner 123-7

Reign/Issue Authority:-
Denomination/Type:English "sterling bust" jeton
Mint:English mint, probably London
Issue date:Ca. 1310-14
Weight:1,35 gr
Diameter:20 mm
Reference:Mitchiner 123-7
Catalogue #:0147
Obverse description:Crowned bust of king facing; border of pellets.
Obverse legend:-
Reverse description:Short cross moline with pellet in each angle; border of pellets.
Reverse legend:-
Extra info:An English ’sterling bust’ jeton dating to the early 14th century. The bust and crown are from a die made from the same punches as those used to produce dies for class 11 pennies (1310-1314) of Edward II.
The central indentation is a characteristic of English jetons of this period. It is believed to have been done to prevent them from being silvered and passed off as coins. The flan has also been nail-bored, possibly as a consequence of it having been silvered and subsequently discovered not to be a true coin.
Found in dumped ground from the Dutch city Arnemuiden by a friend.

Pseudo coin, "Sterling" type, ca. 1300-1400, -

Reign/Issue Authority:-
Denomination/Type:Pseudo coin, "Sterling" type
Issue date:Ca. 1300-1400
Weight:0,79 gr
Diameter:16 mm
Catalogue #:0138
Obverse description:Bust facing.
Obverse legend:-
Reverse description:Short cross.
Reverse legend:-
Extra info:Found by a friend in the Dutch region Zeeuws Vlaanderen.