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Gottschalk II of Pyrmont

Coat of arms of County of Pyrmont.

Gottschalk II, Count of Pyrmont, died between 30 July 1258 and 2 June 1262. He was married to Beatrix von Hallermund († 1272) and they had 5 children.
In order of the archbishop of Cologne, Philipp von Heinsberg, the castle of Pyrmont (Schellenburg) was built in 1180 to protect the border of the by Henry the Lion acquired Duchy of Westphalia. Philipp von Heinsberg gave it to the Counts of Schwalenberg in fief. From this generation the counts of Pyrmont split off in 1194. First Count was Gottschalk I (about 1171-1245).
The counts were based since 1376 in Lügde. They died out with Moritz II in 1494.

Source and more info: Wikipedia

Sterling, Gottschalk II of Pyrmont, Lügde, ca. 1245, Krusy 70b

Reign/Issue Authority:Gottschalk II of Pyrmont
Issue date:Ca. 1245
Weight:1,19 gr
Diameter:18 mm
Reference:Krusy 70b
Catalogue #:0200
Obverse description:Crowned bust facing with sceptre in right hand.
Obverse legend:hЄNRICVSR ЄX
Reverse description:Cross moline voided with quatrefoil in each angle.
Reverse legend:+MONЄTAINLV
Extra info:Pierced.